Websites that Pay

Websites that PayBy Patti Hale

Looking for websites that pay you to write?

The web is full of websites and blogs needing an endless supply of  fresh content  to gain traffic, keep an audience and  rank in search engine results. This makes the web a great place for writers!

Big brands, large corporations and popular websites hire freelancers to fill this never-ending need at rates ranging  from $50-$500 per article.

Start-ups, low quality affiliate sites  and  owners of  low traffic blogs that can’t or won’t  pay as well as the more successful companies like to pay in the $10 to $15 range.

In order to get the copy they need, these sites turn to content brokers (not so affectionately called content mills) who hire writers to churn out copy as fast as they can at  the  lowest possible price they can.

In return for providing the client, handling the billing and editing the copy, the content mill takes a third of the price  charged to the customer and pays the writer the other two-thirds.

The  articles written at content mills are mostly ghostwritten for customers to use as filler to flesh out websites set up primarily as places to market a product or niche affiliate site or placed in article directories. Article directories are made up of content written for the express purpose of providing links back to the owner’s websites to increase traffic and  higher search results.

In the past,  the feeling was that writing submitted to article directories did not have to be high quality since they were merely placeholders for  links that Google would count in favor of the back linked website. This trend has been changing since Google started de-indexing  or not listing these article directories in search results thus making the links useless because of the poor quality of the articles.  (See my rant: Will Google Deindexing BMR Help or Hurt Writers?)

These type sites include Textbroker and eCopywriters where writers get  paid after the customer buys the article. Writers do not receive a byline (credit for writing the article) and  give up all rights to their articles. Pay  averages $5 to $10 per articles.

These content mills make up the majority of the websites that pay for writing listed on this page. While  the pay is low, the work is pretty steady, particularly when a writer works for more than one of these brokers at a time.

Besides being fairly easy to get into (most require a writing sample instead of previous writing experience to be approved), these mills allow you to spend your time writing instead of  constantly looking for writing gigs as some of the higher paying jobs do. They are also a great way to gain experience writing on a variety of topics.

The other kind of content mills are  online websites that brand themselves as information places who pay a little upfront, give the author a byline and promise to pay a continuing income based on Pay Per Views (PPV).

While there are writers who have a very large stable of articles to draw income from say they do very well with these type places, there are just as many who say they do not. This is always a point of contention in writing forums and something I try to avoid weighing in on although I have a problem with the the rates writers are paid by these sites.  See Yea, Panda! To Get Good Content, Pay for Good Content!

There are writers who can write several articles in an hour, particularly on a subject they do not have to research because they know the subject so well. These writers are also adept at writing on that same subject several different times in several different ways making it possible to write enough articles to earn enough to make it worth there while to work for the content brokers.

I, on the other hand, spent way too much time researching every topic and spending hours on a $10 article that I found boring to rewrite into several different versions. But, then, that’s just me.

If this type of work suits you–great!

If it does not, my advice is to use these places as a way to build experience and a portfolio of  your writing, to become an expert in a few topics and then progressively finding better paying places to write.

After you have developed a “niche”  and an online portfolio with links to your “clips”,  you can learn to research and apply for the jobs on the “Write for Us” or Job Boards for Writers  to find the better paying writing jobs.

Websites that Pay

2Blue Media
2Blue works daily with video and written content providers. Pay is $15 per article.  Apply online

Bizymoms-”Ekwa is currently accepting applications for Writers. Writers are involved with high quality content writing for websites of medical and dental professionals.” Pay is not disclosed.
It’s hard to tell exactly how much Blogmutt pays even though they say their system is more straight forward than any other system. However, this is a direct quote from their writer’s information page:

“Within the Blogmutt platform we have a point system. You earn points for posting, for posts that get picked and for a variety of other internal goals. As you earn points you move up in levels. At certain levels you earn status, such as an exclusive, invite-only LinkedIn honor for success as a professional writer. At higher levels you’ll become part of an elite group of writers that gets access to higher-paying work.”

The page goes on to say to fill out the application form if you’re interested. They lost me with that last paragraph. If anyone has information on this market please let me know.

Career Pro Plus
They need resume and career writers for contract work from the government. They “pay well” and there is a training period involved.

Constant Content 
Writers receive 65% of the price you set after sale and a choice of rights are sold. Here is one author’s experience:

Content Current
This website is in need of freelance writers to submit articles online. The pay is per word. There is a long approval period; and you have to write a sample 500 word article to be approved. Pay is $4 to $6 per article.

Content Quake
“Content Quake accepts applications from bloggers looking to be paid for writing content on a variety of specific topics. The network provides a platform for you to reach potential readers in a way that is hard to do on your own.Content Quake utilizes a pay per post compensation method for writers.” Pay is not disclosed.
“The Contently Network is a place for great writers to showcase their work and personal brands. It starts with our free Automatic Portfolio Builder to help you share your writing. If you’re available for freelance, you can also apply to write for publishers on the Contently Platform. Get quality work without the headaches of pestering editors or chasing after checks. Posts are 400-600 words long, and pay ranges from $30-$75 per post. All require original research; some may require original reporting”

Content Authority 
Ghostwriting, no links, pay based on tiers of quality determined by editors.
Tier 1 Rate Per Word $0.007
Tier 2 Rate Per Word $0.01
Tier 3 Rate Per Word $0.015
Tier 4 Rate Per Word $0.030
Rewrite Rate Per Word $0.005
Paid after the sale

Content Divas
Ghostwriting, no back links
$18 per 1000 words

Submit a writing sample along with her writing experience to be approved.  Claims to have many writing projects available.

Copy Press
1 to 2 cents per word starting out with possibility of making $13.50 to 20.00 per post. 3000 word per week commitment required.

Daily Article advertises itself as a place to “Buy Articles to Increase Your Website’s Traffic, Attract More Inbound Links, and Boost Your Website’s Rank Naturally.” Writers set their own prices. Pay is after the sale.

My Experience: I applied and was asked to choose between 3 topics to write a 300 word article. (Not 301–300 or else it’s not accepted!)  However, I was disconnected half way through the grammar test and thus failed the grammar test, lol!  I have emailed them asking to retake the grammar test, I have gotten no reply and I am listed as a level 2 writer with below average grammar and no opportunities! Payment after the sale.

  • Level 1 = 1.8 cents per word
  • Level 2 = 2 cents per word
  • Level 3 = 3 cents per word
  • Level 4 = 4 cents per word
  • Level 5 = 5 cents per word
  • Level 6 = 10 cents per word
  • Level 7 = 15 cents per word
  • Level10=30 cents per word
$4 per blog entry (There is a 90 day training period).
They give annual raises up to $5.50.
Payment every Friday by Pay Pal with a minimum of $25 in earnings needed to request payment. Articles

Green Light
Content mill pays .01 per word

At Independent Publishing we value quality and we pay for quality. Authors are paid according to our payment system, which is both simple and fair. Each author initially receives the same payment of 1.8 cents (bronze text), 2.5 cents (silver text) or 5.1 cents (gold text) per word, which, for a text of 400 words, would entitle payment of $7.28, $10.36 or $20,76. You can always upgrade your status by writing high-quality texts and earn more money. How much you earn is up to you; you can work as little or as much as you like! One thing is sure: You are automatically paid twice a month.

Interact Media
“Your initial rating is determined by Interact Media editors at the time of application.  At that time, you will be assigned a rating of 2-5 stars.  After that, your rating is determined by an average of both editor and client ratings over time.”  Sound familiar? The same drill as other content mills.

Earn $10.00 US each time a new visitor joins for one of your existing letters,
Earn $10.00 US each time a registered member buys one of your existing letters,
Earn $10.00 US each time you write a custom letter and a requestor purchases it

SEO Copywriting, Blog Writing, Press Releases, Newsletter writing, Sales Copy, E-Book Writing. Apply on website,.

Merchant Circle
$4 each for articles 150 to 200 words. MerchantCircle’s Online Local Content Studio pays writers for edits to our city page descriptions and for selecting photos to represent US cities.  All you need is the ability to find suggested information online using Google, and form these into an informative description of US towns and cities. To start, simply go to MerchantCircle | Content Studio Signup. All the instructions you need are there.

Need An Article Writer

Essential Skills  $.0129 per word
Better Skills $.02 per word
Higher Skills $.03 per word
Exceptional Skills  $.05 per word   Read a review at Wah Adventure
Hires writers and editors to write about local news and events.
Social Media Copywriter. Duties include:

  • Creating accurate, clear and brand relevant copy suitable for all digital platforms
  • Utilizing best practices to ensure all deliverables support wider online objectives such as back linking, SEO optimization and keyword utilization
  • Performing supplemental research as necessary to round out the article and/or embellish on the topic
  • Sourcing appropriate, publicly available images in support of the deliverables
  • Proofreading copy to check for spelling and grammar errors
  • Developing an understanding of the personality and communication style of the client and adjusting deliverables to fit that style
  • Amending, revising or redeveloping articles in response to feedback from the managing editor
  • Using PR Brigade systems to submit all client deliverables in a timely and accurate manner
  • Ensuring all client deliverables meet or exceed PR Brigade’s quality standards

COMPENSATION: Competitive, dependent upon experience and subject matter expertise

Pure Content
Up front pay $7 Varies
Apply at [email protected] You will be emailed a test.

QualityGal Quality Gal – Pays $12 to $25 per article. Payment weekly every Friday.

Hires educators, editors, writers, and illustrators

As a freelance content writer, you will work on a 1099 contract basis producing articles on higher education, K-12 education and career topics. You get to choose your work from a large pool of topics and must be able to follow a guideline that ensures quality and consistency of the product. You can work from anywhere, day or night, as long as you provide your own computer and internet access. It is completely flexible, but we ask that you work at least 15 hours a week or produce at least 5 articles per week. Our work pools are virtually endless, so once you demonstrate that you can efficiently produce quality content, you can work as many hours as you choose. Pay begins at $8 per hour.

Search Influence
Contract Writer. We give you all the details you need to create the content and provide you with guidelines and examples of exactly what we are looking for. Payments are made through PayPal every other week, and each writer can ask for as many assignments as they can handle each day. Deadline performance is an absolute necessity. All content is due back 24 hours after it is assigned out, and only original content is accepted. If you have the ability, we have assignments to send your way. Interested? Please go to to apply.

This is another ghostwriting site where writers choose the articles they want to write.Pro author typing on laptop

$15 and up

Ghostwriting, no link
My Experience: I signed up for an account and received an email that asked me to confirm my email and log in. I was given my choice of four topics to write about in 150-250 words. An hour or two after I submitted my writing sample I was approved to write at the 4 star level. I wrote 5 articles, all of which were immediately accepted by the client. After the first five articles are written then your writing is reviewed again. After mine was reviewed, my level was reduced to a 3 based on a debatable comma error.
Payment per word after client has accepted
2 stars: legible 0.7 cents 3.50 USD
3 stars: good quality 1.0 cents 5.00 USD
4 stars: excellent quality 1.4 cents 7.00 USD
5 stars: professional quality 5.0 cents 25.00 USD.
Researcher/writer. is expanding its team of freelance writer/researchers to work on a wide variety of data visualization/ infographic projects.

The job

  • report and/ or research an assigned topic
  • mold the research into a script, which a designer will then turn into an infographic
  • work closely with a designer and/ or communicate with an infographic commissioner (this can be, or a client)

Get in touch if you:

  • have or are pursuing a degree in Journalism, Communications, Public Relations or any other field that involves learning to do original research
  • have worked or are working in a newsroom – online or print – reporting and researching a wide variety of topics (internships are good with us; even better: freelance experience)
  • can provide samples of work that showcase all of the above

I applied and they said they had all the writers they needed back in June, 2011 but things may have changed since then. Pays $10 to $14 per 400 to 500 words

My Experience: I applied 6/2011 and still haven’t heard back from them!
$.75 for 100 word un-researched blog post
$2 for 200 word mini-post researched for 5 minutes
$4 for 350-400 word articles researched for 10 to 15 minutes
Pays $2.25 for 100-word drafts and $4.75 for 250-words

US writers, paid monthly by Pay Pal. Pay is based on level 2-5 writing level  Similar to/maybe a little better pay than Textbrokers

Writer’s Research Group
Applied, $15

Stack of rolled coinsUpfront Pay plus PPV

These sites  pay you upfront plus residuals for the Pay Per Views (PPV) that follow. Popular websites using this model are Demand Studio  and to a certain extent, Associated Content now owned by Yahoo.  Upfront pay here is usually $15 to $20 plus residual PPV, which is usually about $1.50 per 1000 views.

Break Studios PR3
I applied to this site which is mostly writing for men. I don’t remember if I had to send them a sample of my writing or not and if I did, i wish I knew which one I sent because I got an email from them that said “Your application has been rejected”  Wow! I was heartbroken, lol!

Demand Studio /Ehow
In one of the biggest fallout for content writers, Demand Studios stopped paying revenue share for a stable of articles previously built up by Demand Studios writers. This was quite a blow for those who had been making a stable monthly income from their work.
$15-$30 per article

Although I have read elsewhere that Digital Journal pays $10 per article, nothing in this article about pay really comes right out and says that but instead talks a lot about points and views and other things I thought too confusing to follow.  There is a lot of information here including a good writer’s guidelines and is possibly a good place to learn and join in a community.
This site was formerly known as Factoidz. My Experience: I was accepted as a Factoidz writer and wrote a product review that supposedly paid $20 plus PPV. Instead of the $20 upfront I was just paid in ppv. I wrote another product review and it was rejected for payment but I was welcome to “self publish” on Factoidz for PPV. Stopped writing for them after that. Since then I have gotten to know folks who have written reviews and got $9 with the promise they will get more if their reviews improve.

Search Influence
Contract Writer. We give you all the details you need to create the content and provide you with guidelines and examples of exactly what we are looking for. Payments are made through PayPal every other week, and each writer can ask for as many assignments as they can handle each day. Deadline performance is an absolute necessity. All content is due back 24 hours after it is assigned out, and only original content is accepted. If you have the ability, we have assignments to send your way. Interested? Please go to to apply.  $2.50 per post plus .0015 per view
I signed up for and was immediately accepted since the real screening happens when you make your choice of programs to join. Pay here varies based on which program you are accepted into and whether your article is a news  or evergreen article. Some programs like “Daily Glow” paid $5 per article published plus pay per views that stopped paying after 500,000 views.

Tech Walls  PR3
Upfront pay of $5 and $3 per 1000 PPV Articles on technology and internet

Yahoo Voices  PR 8
(Formerly Associated Content) This site will pay $1-20 upfront for ghostwritten articles claimed from the assignment desk for use on Yahoo’s other properties  (which means using a pen name or getting no byline and  no back link allowed).

Yahoo will also pay $1.50 per 1000 views for articles on your own contributor’s page. Links to your websites are allowed in your author’s profile.

My experience: I have written three articles for Associated and in eight months I have earned $.51 in page views. To be fair, I have not joined the Associated community and cross promoted my articles, which is one of the best ways to get traffic if your article is not something that will show up in the search engines.

If you have questions, comments or have information about these sites you’d like to share with us, please do so in the comments below.

If you’re ready for more writing leads, follow the various links listed under Freelance Writing in the menu on the left.

Signing up for my work from home newsletter will make sure you will be the first to know when I add new links to new paying markets, free tools and articles of interest to those who work from home!

Thanks, I appreciate you stopping by!


  1. It is amazing that some of these sites see writers as expendable. While I realize there are many writers, not all of them can even string together legible sentences. GOOD writers are a lot harder to find, and you would think a site that made their money by taking a portion of what they are paid for someone else’s work, would be a little more writer friendly. I have to add that I have written about 20 articles for Media Piston—and they are definitely a pro-writer site. 

    •  I’m hoping there will be a reaction from Google de-indexing article directories like Build My Rank whose backlinks are now useless. Without a market for the low paid poor quality articles written entirely for backlinking, hopefully prices for better quality articles will rise.

      Thanks for coming by, Denise, and the update on Media Piston! You can check out Denise’s blog at

  2. Aditya4520 says:

     I wonder who can write a high-quality content for $10. it requires hours of research and editing. low quality articles are bad for companies’ reputation, they aren’t SEO friendly because they obtain no external links and doesn’t turn visitors into customers. No wonder websites with low quality content disappears soon. Low quality content = total waste of time, energy, money and opportunity.

    • I agree that low quality articles are a waste of time and that writing a quality article–unless it’s about something you are already familiar with–takes a lot of research and time. The fact is, many writers starting out, including me, have used these places as a way to get started and throw many hours away just to get $10 in order to get published in order to move on to better things. I’m hoping with the new Google updates that more website owners start thinking like you and offer to pay more in order to get quality content.

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